Budgeting for a SE Asia Trip

So we have officially moved! meaning rent has offically gone down $195 a week! But what if we cant manage to save enough? Every time I have this feeling i jump on google straight away to read about peoples personal budget tips and it always gives me hope 🙂 So to settle my mind, I […]

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Beautiful Krabi

Once upon a time when i was little i visited Krabi on a cruise ship. I remember being in crystal clear water surrounded by millions of little fish and have never forgotten the island, always wanted to go back. Hundreds of Islands, national parks, temples, blue lagoons, caves and trekking.. Enough Said! The one thing […]

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This Week.. This Year… It has been hard. I am forever trying to look for the good things in life no matter how much it gets me down, but some times are harder than others. I find it hard to talk to people about anything really. I don’t feel i have a best friend to […]

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> C H I A N G M A I <

Ah, Chiang Mai. Somewhere i have wanted to go since i went back to Thailand last year. I have heard SO much about Chiang Mai and it is very close to the top of my list while in SE Asia. Why? Well first of all, i obsess over beach but my holidays have been based […]

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/ – T H E P L A N – \

Okay, So here is the rounded down plan. As much as i want to go to Laos, we may have to do that another time, but hey! you never know. I replaces Laos with Malaysian Borneo because i cannot get my eyes off it! 😉 We want to spend at least 4 months traveling around […]

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Tips, Tips, Tips!

Happy Wednesday everyone! I apologies for the lack of posts, i have been trying to focus on health and work and try not to obsess over my future plans as much, but hey here we are! Today i am going to do a post on what I have learnt from some experience and lots of […]

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