Luang Prabang – What ive heard and What i want to see.

Every single time i bring up this city people go on and on about how i cannot miss it. I had Laos in my plans but had no idea why? I had just gone off from what people have said..and everyone says the same thing:

Laos is the last country in SE Asia that is still the REAL Asia. I have been told if i want to experience the proper lifestyle of SE Asia, Laos is the go.

The 3 main cities i keep hearing about are

Kaung Si Falls

– Luang Prabang – which is number 1 and home to Kaung Si Falls

– Vientiane, The starting point

And last but not least: Vieng Vang, famous for tubing!

I have started with Luang Prabang because i have done the most research on this city.

Number 1 on TripAdvisor is of course the Kaung Si Falls. And from what i can see-for good reason! Unspoilt fresh water to me sounds like a piece of paradise.

Something that has just caught my attention is “The Living Land Company” where you can stay over night or for a half day helping on the farm, eating Lao food and learning about the culture- not for everyone. But something i would really like to do.

OFF ROADING: Okay- so maybe i wont be doing this one. But lets just say obsession is an understatement when it comes to Max and Dirt bikes. A company called “off road Laos adventures” fantastic reviews! May have a pamper day and sit this one out..but you never know 😉

Elephant Village: If your planning on Laos, please consider this. I will be doing this 100%. You get your own elephant to train, bathe, feed and love for a full day or they offer overnight tours! Reviews are amazing and say the Elephants are treated fantastically! I will defiantly be doing the overnight tour here..and I am sure there will be a HUGE blog post following. Check them out:

Mount Phousi: They say you can see the whole city short easy walk with a million dollar view!

Bamboo Bridge: Google It! as i cannot explain. Would you do it?

Overall from what i have read Luang Prabang is a beautiful colorful city filed with markets, waterfalls, BeerLao and a deep Asian culture.

Utopia bar and restaurant, Luang Prabang

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