Overland Laos Travel

Obviously i have not been to these places. This is my planner. Once we are on the road i will post the real life experiences. For now, i wish to give others advice using my planner. I am a travel agent and have very closely researched everything i can about these countries and hope to have and give lots of different choices when backpacking. What can i say? I am obsessed.

It all starts in Bangkok.

Laos, i originally kept off my list, but the amazing stories i have heard quickly put it close to the top.

We will have nothing booked except freethebears volunteer program in Cambodia.

So from Northern Thailand there are quite a few options when it comes to getting to Laos. A lot of them look extremely complicated, others easy with a big fat price tag.


First and best option.


Now your probably thinking why would anyone consider any other way of traveling when flights are roughly an hour and overland travel is 8 hrs up to 2 days. There however is a reason myself and many other backpackers would skip the flight and tough out the long ride.

1 simple 5 letter word. Money.

No, Air Asia do not fly into Laos.

Bangkok Airways is roughly $210 one way

Thai Airways $286

Vietnam Airways $337

and last but not least Lao Airways- a whopping $371!

So, that right there is why no budget traveler would even dream of flying into Laos. However, if your an older person, someone who cant handle a night in a tent camping- i would pay the extra to fly. Some of the reviews i have read can be bad and talk about how horrible the long hall trips are- to me, just part of the experience 😉0c10ff8ed8c4cf32f23d125900b84fe7

Option 2:

Train from Bangkok

The train is probably the way i will go.

For a few reasons

1 being i am not sure if i or my boyfriend will be able to handle 2 days on a slow boat.

The train departs Bangkok at 8pm and arrive in Laos the next morning approx 9am. Cost between 20 – 30 USD.

The one thing i am still trying to work out is Visas. I have read some forum’s that make it out to be easy, some not so much. I will do a new post once i find out more information.

Last but not least, option 3. The 2 Day Slow Boat.

Basically says it all. This is probably the cheapest option. However it is also the longest option. 2 days on a boat for 8 hours a day is a long time!

Personally, i think i will go with the bus.

What option would you choose? and why ?


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