South East Asia

koh sok

So first things first; What is our plan? where are we going? why are we choosing these particular places?

Our rough plan includes 5 countries. Singapore, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand and Laos.

We went to Thailand twice last year because we fell so in love with the beautiful people, food and culture. If it were up to me I would move there permanently.

These countries are must dos on our list, however if time and money decide to be our best friends I would love to throw in Malaysia, Indo and Philippines.

The picture above is number 1 on my bucket list. Khao Sok National Park,

We want to do at least 6 months on a budget. Aiming at $2000/month.

This blog is all about planning, then all about adventure! #staytuned

Have you been to any of these places? What are the pros/cons? Any advice will be appreciated 🙂


7 thoughts on “South East Asia

    1. Hu Girlunspotted! Thanks for your comment 🙂 I have been to Singapore but years ago I have heard its really expensive now! Accommodation is a killer so we probably won’t stay to long there. Where abouts have you been in the Philippines? It’s looks absolutely breath taking from what I have read.


      1. Yeah for a capsule hostel bed, I paid $25. That’s a deluxe room at a here star hotel in other SeAsia countries! Haha. I’m currently based in the Philippines, actually. I’ve been to a decent amount of islands and provinces but there’s still a lot more to explore. Can’t get sick of it though.

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  1. Hi… I’ve been reading some of your entries for your blog and I’d love to be your 8th follower. I am from the Philippines and a fan of travel blogs. Bon voyage. 🙂


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