Ahhh Thailand.

I have been to quite a few places in my 22 years, mainly because my mother has a travel addiction possibly worse then mine… Thailand (so far) is my number 1 destination so far and keep in mind i have only been to Southern Thailand.

So far in my life i have been to the following places:

  • Bali
  • Thailand
  • Singapore
  • Hawaii
  • South Pacific
  • Dubai
  • New Zealand
  • Fiji
  • South Africa (keep in mind with this one i was 3)

To name a few, so far Thailand tops the list and this is why:

Firstly, the people. I probably made more friends with locals in Thailand than i have hear in Australia- this is because of how Thais see the world.. having a constant smile on there faces even if there selling toilet paper outside a public toilet- they appreciate everything.

Secondly, the incredible beaches and coastal line. My boyfriend and I do not drive (every cent counts, no point wasting money on petrol haha) however when we were there in October we happened to bump into a couple who happened to know a friend of ours (small world!) so we ended up hiring a car and checking out all the beaches. I highly recommend doing this.

Thirdly, the food.

This one speaks for itself. WHO DOESN’T LOVE THAI FOOD? and if you just answered “me” WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU? anyhow, there is nothing better than legit Pad Thai (especially from a street store) just don’t buy it when you eventually come home from an Aussie Thai shop. I almost cried.


This is a hard question and i couldn’t really tell you why i choose Thailand. Prior to going to Thailand I had been to Bali 5 times. I think I like Thailand because it has way more unspoiled beaches, there are heaps of different cultures where as Bali is just constantly full of Aussies all year round- there’s no escape! And I’m not saying i don’t love Aussies considering i am one.

However most Aussies go to Bali for 1 reason and 1 reason only. To party. Yeah i love to drink- but i do like to remember my Holidays. Getting extremely “fucked up” waking up the next day with a hangover so bad you cant move isn’t my idea of fun.

There is a lot to do in Bali but there is SO much more to do in Thailand. So many pristine islands. It would take me an entire year to explore everywhere i want to in Thailand!

During this 6 months i plan to cover as much as possible. I have never been to Bangkok and to be honest in the past people have put me off, however it is something i need to experience for myself.

Bring it Thailand!


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