Real Talk

I now have 7 followers! Thanks for the support! Is it sad that I’m excited about 7 followers? Maybe.. But it excites me that people are interested in my travel plans and want to follow them as I go!

I think its probably about time i introduced myself properly to the world of WordPress and explain what has brought me here.

My names Tessi, actually that’s a lie.. but that’s what I am known as 😉

Long story short, my names actually Jamie. When i was about 8 years old I went on a family vacation to Canberra ACT. Do you remember the number plates that say your name and then have a little paragraph about your personalty? Well according to these number plates (and 80% of the world) Jamie was a “boys” name. I started to have a tantrum and cry so since i was changing schools the next year Mum told me i could change my name to Tessi (my middle name is Therese) and it just sort of stuck.

To be honest, I do sort of regret it these days. Nobody ever gets my name right when i answer the phone and i usually have to repeat it 4 times and then spell it for them.

Anyway, now that we have cleared that up, I guess you could say I am your average 22 year old girl however I feel like sometimes I see the world in a whole different way. It is very hard to find people I really open up to because everyone in my age group thinks “Living it up” means going clubbing every weekend and spending $300 while there at it. Where as i would rather go trekking through a national park with a few joints and save that $300 towards a plane ticket.

My boyfriend, Max however is something different- He opened my eyes to a million one things and taught me one of the best lessons i have learned (but still struggle daily with) Live in the present. In the NOW. My job makes it very hard not to OBSESS over travel and my future I hate not having a flight booked to look forward to, sometimes you just have to relax and live in the moment, even if that moment is in expensive Sydney. As corny as it sounds hes the man of my dreams. When we met we were both little terrors off the rails..and we settled each other down 😉

I started this blog is pretty obvious, to blog my travel plans and my actual adventures. Thanks to my traveling mother I have been traveling since I could eat and ever since I was a little girl i counted down the days for my holidays months in advance. That women really encouraged me to see different cultures and explore the world.

I also have a beautiful sister, Jessica who unfortunately wasn’t as lucky in life than a lot of us. Jess was in a car accident at 5 months old. She has sever brain damage cannot walk or say a lot of words and is 90% blind. In saying that shes one strong cookie and has done quite a lot of travel herself! She has flown a few times and Cruised!

Me, me and me…

I love the ocean, the smell of passports, spooning, concerts, trekking, unfamiliar places, weed, tattoos, gym, wentworth (if you haven’t, watch it) animals of any kind, writing, headland walks, green smoothie bowls with lots of kiwi fruit, nutella, airports, bike riding, markets, proper Thai food, pub steaks, sundays, movie nights with candles and any sort of flowers 😀

Hope you enjoyed my little intro 😉

Somewhere in Dubai 2010
Somewhere in Dubai 2010

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