Vientiane, Laos.

Vientiane will be our starting  point in Laos, to be honest it is quite hard to find good attractions in this city besides temples. If anyone has any website suggestions for adventure tours or something a bit different i would love to know about them!

I Think that Vientiane, from what I have read is where you can get the most out of Laos culture. There are heaps of different temples not to mention the cooking classes, the choices!

During my research i found this website:

They have all different tours providing a “Lao for a day” feeling and from what i can see there are 6 different tour types providing the same feeling (maybe I will do more than 1!)

There is nothing I love more than visiting a new city and seeing a the different ways and different cultures each country has. Really experiencing the Lao lifestyle appeals to me a lot more than getting off my head and not remembering my day/night.

Another beautiful place i came across is ‘Phou Khao Khouay’ national park. Which is filled with waterfalls and treks! This tour looks pretty awesome. Would love to know if its possible to explore the park without a guide.

Overall, because of the limited information i think Vientiane will be one of those places we go to, know nothing about and still fall in love. It’s all just part of the adventure! 😛

If you have been to Vientiane, i would love to know if theirs anything i cant miss?

Vientiane Buddha Park
Vientiane Buddha Park

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