Hanoi, Vietnam

Happy Thursday everyone! Sorry for the lack in posting.

I am going to my first Vietnam post today 🙂 Vietnam is somewhere that has been on my Bucket list for years now. Originally we were planning on backpacking Europe, but with the Australian dollar dropping daily it started to become more stressful than exciting. I want to go away for a long period of time, so comparing Asia and Europe we would get maybe 2 months in Europe..or 5-6 months in Asia, need i say more?

When I started looking at Hanoi, I wrote a few things down I want to see:

  • Ha Long Bay day cruise
  • Hoa Lo Prison
  • Meals on wheels tour
  • Café Nola
  • Hang Gai St (amazing shopping)
  • Ho Tay water park
  • Hanoi Rock City
  • Ba Vi National Park

Ha long Bay defiantly tops the list. The photos i have seen are incredible. I am a bit worried about booking this one as i have read a lot about scammers with the tours. If anyone has used a particular company for a day cruise on Ha Long bay, I would love some suggestions.

Not going to lie. I am very, very excited about the food in Vietnam. I have been to Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand and Bali. I am told Vietnam and Cambodia are very different, i am really excited to explore Hanoi on bikes and taste new things!

Hanoi seems to be a city like Singapore or Bangkok- you love it or hate it. I am no doubts i will fall in love with this city.

Have you been to Hanoi?

Is there anything i cannot miss?!

Ba Vi National Park
Ba Vi National Park


I had never really heard of Sa Pa until I started talking about Vietnam non-stop at work and my coworker mentioned it to me, since I already have so many cities on my list it seemed a bit out of the way she basically told me I have to go and i don’t mean “I suggest you do it, it is very beautiful” i mean “Tessi you are going to Sa Pa, you cannot go to Vietnam and skip Sa Pa”

so there we have it, i was told. So i added it to my list but didnt really look to far into it.

….and then i did and can i just say I CANT BELIEVE I WAS GOING TO GO TO VIETNAM AND SKIP SA PA! If your like me and don’t know weather or not you should take the trek, if you like me do it.

I am not speaking from experience as this is my planner, but the way i see it Sa Pa is a world away. There are hundreds of home stays that include the sleeper train from Hanoi. It is unbelievable beautiful and I will probably plan a whole day just to enjoy the scenery.

If anyone has been to Sa Pa and have a home stay suggestion i would really appreciate it!

This photo was enough to add Sa Pa to my list.
This photo was enough to add Sa Pa to my list.

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