Hoi An, Vietnam.

Happy Monday everyone!

I bet you would would rather be traveling the world than be sitting at a desk, I know I would!

Today’s city is Hoi An.

Hoi An, personally so far tops my list in Vietnam and I am more excited about seeing it in real life than you could imagine.

WHY? It just looks like the cutest town I have ever seen. Filled with colorful buildings and at night lanterns light up the sky.

This photo that I found just looks like pure bliss. a6e63b55f50546ddc4e79d616ace7ace

There is also an awesome blog on Hoi An where i got this photo check it out: https://thepresentperfect.wordpress.com/2012/08/26/hoi-an-touristy-yet-charming-nonetheless/

I have never in my life met a mean Vietnamese person, with so much history and everything this amazing country has gone through and i think that’s what has drawn me in.

I remember a few years ago when Max and I were living elsewhere a Australian man came to our door raising money for those effected by the Vietnamese war, saying he goes over every year. Ever since then I added it my list and never looked back. Some of the stories were incredible.

I am most excited about hiring a bike and riding as far into the town as I can, especially ancient town, looks incredible!

Most of the attractions i have seen online for Hoi An have automatically interested me.

This one though! http://www.cooking-tour.com/ I have ALWAYS wanted to do an Asian cooking class. Last time I was in Thailand I wanted to do one so bad and ran out of time and now i discover in Hoi An they have an ISLAND dedicated to a cooking class! And yes, I am overly excited!

Another thing I am really interested in doing is an ECO tour. There are hundreds and thousands available in Vietnam. Can anyone suggest one they have done in Hoi An?

If any one has been to Hoi An and has a blog please leave a comment with the link, would love to find out more about this beautiful ancient city!

Have a feeling this is one of those cities i wont want to leave..


2 thoughts on “Hoi An, Vietnam.

  1. I live in Sai Gon, VN.
    Hoi An is like a little museum piece – lots of traditional buildings preserved for tourists and the like. It is a convenient place for tourists to get clothes and shoes made (there are cobblers and tailors everywhere but there is a huge concentration in the new town of Hoi An.) It is a cute town, lots of places to take photos.


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