Phuket, Phuket, Phuket!

Good Morning!

I have decided to do a post on Phuket today. Mainly because I am having massive Thailand withdrawals today, but also because i thought it would be good to do a blog on a city i have actually visited. It makes me super happy that you guys are following me and reading my plans! I hope I can give you some good advise on Phuket!

First of all I would like to say today the only thing on my mind is Bangkok and i send all my love and thoughts to those effected by yesterdays explosions ❤

The first time I went to Phuket when i was about 10. It was on a cruise ship which docked at the port at midnight. I have a terrible memory but this i have never forgotten. We got off the boat and EVERYTHING was open. I couldn’t believe it, I was extremely sun burnt and searching for a pharmacy. I don’t remember much of actually being in Phuket, but i do know i fell in love.

In 2013 I decided i wanted to go to Phuket for my 21st we already had Bali booked for October that year. I had been to Bali 4 times previously however Max had never been and when we got there we DID NOT want to leave. We had already booked Thailand and were both a bit upset because we wanted to go back to Bali..or so we thought.

And then came February 2014, the month of my 21st birthday. It was myself, Max and two of our closest friends. We booked 7 nights (yes, this is the biggest regret ever) which obviously was no where near enough time.

We had a ball, we did everything touristy you possibly could. This is because it was our friends first ever overseas holiday.

Firstly i would like to suggest this company: they do Elephant ATV monkey shows etc (do NOT watch the snake show if you are an animal lover!) they have great service and even better prices.


Smiling Elephant and Smiling Tessi at Phuket Paradise Tours

We did two separate island hoping tours, the first island hopping tour we did was on my 21st birthday which was Phi Phi and Maya Bay. I am not sure if you have heard/seen the movie the beach, but this was what drew me to Maya Bay.

Don’t get me wrong, Maya Bay is a perfect piece of paradise, however its over crowed and you get 30 minutes tops on the island. When i am back in Thailand and what i suggest for you, I would skip the tour spend a night or two on Phi Phi and do this camping trip on Maya Bay, you will be the only group on the island and get to experience its natural beauty without the crowds. Check it out here:

Beautiful Maya Bay
Beautiful Maya Bay

If anyone has done the Maya Bay camping trip, I would love to hear about your experience!

Maya Bay ❤

 The next tour we did was James Bond, which i really enjoyed! James bond island itself is again very crowded but still beautiful.

We got taken to a floating stilt island which was nothing like i have ever seen. I was so interested and really enjoyed exploring. If you are trying to decide which tour out of the two. I would choose James Bond.


Hiding in caves, James Bond Island
Hiding in caves, James Bond Island

Lastly, one of the best experiences i have ever had, Tiger Kingdom. Before you judge I have done my research and seen these tigers in the flesh and i DO NOT believe they are drugged! The little guy was running around even biting maxs hands (playfully of course) tigers are the same as cats and can sleep up to 18 hrs a day i think this is why so many people think they are drugged, but if they were THEY WOULDN’T MOVE! yes when we first entered tigers were sleepy, but as i said above they were playful. With the big tiger once he was done with his snooze we witnessed him jump up and go have a swim, honestly amazing and i highly recommend it! Just be aware its not cheap and you cannot barter prices, however i can assure you its worth it.

1972327_4055388481087_1922390219_n 1620648_10201418495526181_1366973464_n

In the end, we returned from this trip and a week later i booked again for October, i guess you can see Phuket stole my heart. Eventually ill do a post on October 🙂

Hope you all enjoyed reading this as much as i did writing it!


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