Straight to Cambodia! (Sihanoukville)

So, I know I have been writing these blogs in the same sort of order I plan to visit them.. but Today I’m going to skip Vietnam and go straight to the pure piece of Paradise (don’t worry, I am not finished with Vietnam and will do blogs on the other places I plan to go) its just lately, I have been doing a lot of research on Cambodia not knowing anything at all really until i started.

And Sihanoukville, Oh my..

I have read and read about this place all week maybe becoming a little obsessed. Basically its rough 6-8 hr bus ride from Phonm Pehn.

I have heard people say “Cambodia, the land of $1 dorm rooms” thinking yeah right whatever. They are not wrong, especially in Sihanoukville. Though unless your planning on not sleeping i would avoid Utopia. Saying that i haven’t been there and am going off trip adviser, what do these people expect for $1 a night! I will be giving it a shot! even if i don’t stay the night haha.

Utopia small

The island off Sihanoukville are incredible. Its hard to find information on them as well which gives me hope they are still a bit “off the beaten track” is Crusoe Island which offers beach camping for $10 a night and they provide a tent for you! The island looks so relaxing i can almost feel the sand in my toes!

Do yourself a favor and sus this piece of Paradise!


You can camp as close to the water or as far into the bush as your heart desires! I seriously get butterfly’s writing about this island. It just looks so relaxing and incredibly beautiful. FYI you can WORK on this island as well!

My favorite thing i have learnt so far about Cambodia, is most of the time you pay in America dollars, which makes life easy even though the Australian dollar sucks at the moment. There’s one thing that i hate its working out currency. I have a currency converter on my phone which i try to update every time I’m connected to Wifi haha.

And of course theirs Koh Rong, which as far as i can tell is a bit more known than Crusoe island. I have actually seen Koh Rong come first on articles titled “the best islands in SE Asia”


If we don’t do a big SE Asia trip, Cambodia will be first on my list to visit for a few weeks!

Have you been?!


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