Tips, Tips, Tips!

Happy Wednesday everyone!

I apologies for the lack of posts, i have been trying to focus on health and work and try not to obsess over my future plans as much, but hey here we are!

Today i am going to do a post on what I have learnt from some experience and lots of research on the dos and dont’s of SE ASIA. I want to use this blog and have as much information as possible on the road.

As you all know from my previous posts I want to backpack SE ASIA and stay on the road as long as possible, which means budgeting and keeping track as much as possible. The main countries i want to see are Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. I would love to include Laos & Malaysia and of course the Philippines but i also don’t want to run through countries and see these are some tips I plan to follow:


This one is from experience, tuk tuks in southern Thailand are not cheap. Saying that, compared to Sydney and a $20 cab fare for a 5 minute ride they are cheap, but on a backpackers budget..

Last time I was in Thailand we ended up getting Moto rides rather than tuk tuks, they are cheaper, fun and the locals know what there doing. For example, Max and I got a Tuk Tuk to Kata from Patong 400TBH per way. so 800TBH total, which is $30AUD so compared to Sydney its cheap, however for Asia on a backpacker budget…not so much.

Basically we will be taken the cheapest form of transport we can.


Okay, so I am clearly a planner and i have a lot of trouble “living in the moment” this trip i want to be confident in what i want to see and have this blog as a reference. I do have a rough idea of where i want to go however i do not want to make any plans, i want to be able to stay where we like for as long as we want.

  • RELAX!

I am constantly worrying and I am impatient. Traveling through SE Asia will be a major tester for both mine and Max lack of patience. I have never read an article about SE Asia where a bus was on time, but that is all part of the backpacking experience.

  • Take a shitload of underwear

HA! I included this because of my own personal experiences in both Bali and Thailand where i have run out of underwear…every freaking time! Both times i got stuck with granny pants or g-strings which are not to comfortable in 30 degree heat. Not to mention the amount of times i have read blogs stating this!

  • Do the things you wouldn’t do at home.

I know it sounds sad and pathetic, but we all care what people think, in some sense. Tell me that’s not true and I will tell you you’re lying. I want to experience things i wouldn’t do at home. The one thing i have always wanted to do is mediation. Max and I have both suffered anxiety and i think meditating would be a fantastic thing for us to learn.

One of my favorite things about holidaying is that know one knows you- and you know know one. You could go to a small town put on an ascent, change your name and age for the day…no one would ever know 😉

Every city i visit i want to do something different to the regular tourist path, off the beaten track and get as involved with the locals as possible!

As i go on with my research i will add to this to help me on my journey and hope it will help you guys too!

Serendipity Beach
Serendipity Beach

I love hearing about traveling experiences. If you have any tips for backpacking south east Asia comment below with them or link me to your blogs!


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