Beautiful Krabi

Once upon a time when i was little i visited Krabi on a cruise ship.

I remember being in crystal clear water surrounded by millions of little fish and have never forgotten the island, always wanted to go back.

Hundreds of Islands, national parks, temples, blue lagoons, caves and trekking.. Enough Said!

The one thing that really catches my eye is the rock climbing.. I’m not sure if i could do it! Would you?1

Krabi is very well know for its amazing beaches and relaxing. I would love to get off the beaten track if anyone has any suggestions!

There are roughly 200 islands sitting just off the Krabi coastline, you can hire your own boat and guide!  Koh Lanta is one island i want to stay at for a few days, relax and do nothing.

Thung Teao Forest National Park/ Home to the emerald pool this national park looks incredible. They say emerald pool is warm and completely clear!


There are also hot springs in Krabi and i am not sure if that is too appealing considering how hot it is in Thailand. However they do say there is a rainforest surrounding!

Khao Khanab Nam Mountains now, i love trekking don’t get me wrong! however climbing up mountains inst really my thing. However for this amazing view i may need to make an exception! Khao-Khanab-Nam-Mountains-1024x603

Koh Klang is another island i would like to see. There are no white sandy beaches it is a simple living fishing island and looks very interesting!


Please let me know if i am missing any must dos in Krabi!



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