> C H I A N G M A I <

Ah, Chiang Mai.

Somewhere i have wanted to go since i went back to Thailand last year. I have heard SO much about Chiang Mai and it is very close to the top of my list while in SE Asia.

Why? Well first of all, i obsess over beach but my holidays have been based around beach for a long time now and i want to see something different.

Chiang Mai catches my eye because of the mountains, the animals and the culture.

Elephant nature park is something i would really like to do. Yes its pricey but to me the experience is worth it. There are certain things we really want to do that we will make sure we budget for. I want to get muddy with an elephant.

There are so many different elephant camps it is hard to narrow it down to the best, if anyone has suggestions i would love to hear them!

I want to hire a bike and explore the city and of course give a segway a go 😉 Trek the jungles, maybe even stay in a treehouse 😉 I would love to do some sort of trek/camp sort of eco tour (i need to get fit before i do this trip! haha)

I also want to visit Pai, maybe Max can even ride! I have heard Pai is one of the best places to learn to ride as well because the roads are quite? Does anybody have any experience there?

Street food tour because, well i love food! and i LOVE tasting new kinds of food!!

There are also lots of “fishing adventures” in Chiang Mai, could be interested? i do love trying new things 🙂

Seriously guys, dont be shy! something i cant miss? COMMENT BELOW !!


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