Bali.. The Good & The Unchangeable..

Bali, where dreams come true, people fall in love all over again and freedom is real. Pure paradise known to so many people around the world.. A country I have stepped foot on so many times now and one I never get sick of.

This year we just wanted to run away, we have had a tough year but nothing compared to mums so she booked three tickets for Christmas and two of our best mates decided to join.

We had a beautiful, traditional villa in seminyak inbetween hotels and locals, villas really are a great choice especially if there are a few of you. Some of the locals on our street invited us in to meet there puppies, possibly the cutest puppies I have ever seen.


Bali has changed, obviously but to my surprise still cheap as ever and the locals smiles are bigger than ever.

There are still white sand crystal clear waters in bali if you look hard enough. Tourists seem to make more of an effort to help keep them clean Paradise.


If you haven’t been I highly suggest pretty poison in Canggu. Such a chilled out environment and a plus if you love skating. The beach and rice fields in Canggu are stunning.




We also ventured to Tanah Lot which even know mum says I have, I don’t remember going to. If your avoiding tourist spots don’t bother, however it is well worth it, most restaurants were empty so we got an amazing view and amazing seafood πŸ˜‰



If you, like me love visiting Uluwatu monkey temple and feeding/playing with the monkeys this is no longer allowed, meaning feeding is no longer available and the monkeys don’t come out. I was really disappointed, however Max of course eventually found some outside the temple and mum got her sunnies stolen πŸ™ˆπŸ™‰πŸ™‰ the views are still breath taking 😍



So here it is, the meaning my title ends with “and the unchangeable..”
Before I say what happened, this has in no way put me off Bali it was a dumb mistake on our behalf but one that is so so sooo easy to do. So if you are heading to Bali PLEASE read this!

WARNING ⚠ ⚠ ⚠ ⚠

So we always get a commonwealth bank travel card and we have never had a problem. In Australia you put your card in the atm, type in your pin, card comes out beeps until you remove it, cash comes out, receipt comes out. Transaction ends.
However in Bali (keep in mind not every atm is like this, but most are)
Card goes in, type in amount, cash comes out, receipt comes out, 5-10 second break, card comes out. When card is Sticking out of the machine an option comes up on the ATM saying new transaction or exit, AFTER the card has been ejected!
This is the way it works in most super markets, including in commonwealth bank ATMS!

The first day my boyfriend left without the card and the beautiful soul working in the Mini mart came running after him, after that we were sure we wouldn’t make the same mistake twice.

We were withdrawing roughly $200 at a time, however since this was our second last day we withdrew $250 (lucky) we were all in the mini mart at the time chatting away got our cash got our receipt and left. We thought a local was looking at us weird because we thought we parked him in. About 8 hours later we realised our card was missing, Max raced back to the mini mart but we were too late. Our account completly cleared less $2. Lucky it was our second last day and there was only $685 left and thank god mum was there to lend us money because being Christmas, the bank couldn’t do anything. Lucky we are in the process of getting it back and the locals were very helpful in helping us find the tourist police!

Keep in mind this was a good commonwealth atm! Max spoke to a local who said that money was her wage for 5 years!

All in all we learnt a huge lesson, one we will most definitely use on our back packing trip. I will not be leaving all our money in the one account!


Mumma always goes cash. Cash is always a good idea in bali because it’s easy however be mindful of scams!

We took $100 to get changed for her and we saw some people doing 10 500 rupiah to 1AUD then two doors down it would be 9 300. So Naturally we go to the hirer paying one, don’t bother. First one I went too counted the money infront of me 3 times. Was meant to be 1 million and fixity, I count it and its only 750k. He counts it again 1.5 mil we are about to leave and max turns to me and says count it one more time, I do 750k??? Now I cannot tell you how he did it, I’m still in shock! I watched him like a hulk. In the end when I tried to give it back he gave me my 100AUD back and said to max “you’ve had to much mushroom don’t want to do business with you” he hadn’t had any mushroom… We just wernt getting ripped off!

Next guys sign was the same, 10 500 we get in he counts it we count it all is well. Then he takes 200k and says it just dropped to 9500!!!!

In the end we went to a super market for 9700. Would probably stick to them!

All in all we had an amazing time, made Amazing memories rode everywhere on scooters and learnt some lessons along the way!





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