Budgeting for a SE Asia Trip

So we have officially moved! meaning rent has offically gone down $195 a week!

But what if we cant manage to save enough?

Every time I have this feeling i jump on google straight away to read about peoples personal budget tips and it always gives me hope 🙂

So to settle my mind, I thought would right a post based on others advise.

Totals are for a couple based on 3 months traveling in AUD. Keep in mind this trip could end up being longer depending what we manage to save!

Our Aim, is $16000

$1000 a week between us for food, accom and activities ($12,000 spending)

$2000 for inbound flights/more expensive tours & travel

In Advance:

Flights Roughly $1000

A good, unbreakable backpacking bag $700

Insurance: $95 for a travel agent yearly policy

Visas: Vietnam $100 PP (rough)

Roughly $2000

Take it SLOW– I have read this a countless amount of time on budget blogs, the faster you go the more expensive costs will be. Meaning don’t choose a $30 mini bus over a $5 bus trip. Bus trips are long, there often delayed and there cramped. BUT this is all part of the SE Asia Experience and something i am actually excited about!

STREET FOOD, STREET FOOD, STREET FOOD! Now, i am not going to lie, I freak out when it comes to food, left overs at home and food stalls in countries i am not familiar with. This allll changed last year when i was in Thailand. Street food was the yummiest and freshest food in Thailand. They cook it in front of your eyes you cant get much fresher than that. Then theirs the prices which are very, very cheap even compared to restaurants.

Spend more time in cheaper places: In 2014 Thailand stole my heart and changed the way I see the world. However from what i have read, Cambodia and Vietnam are a lot cheaper to live. The main thing that gets me in Thailand, every time is shopping for crap i dont need. I am hoping to fly home from Bali and planning on leaving most shopping for there.

Get to know the locals: The amount of Thais i met, partied with and had bbqs with was the best part about Thailand- Don’t be afraid to go deep sea fishing or go out partying with them! This is a great way to save money and get a taste of the real local culture. Home stays are another great way to meet people and learn about there country.

Air BNB: Hostels are great, but to be honest, the pricing on Hostelworld.com seems to go up weekly. I mainly plan on rocking up to the country and roaming around until i find something cheap and comfortable, however for more touristy places that book out quick, Air BNB is amazing, I have seen private apartments cheaper than dorm rooms. I would love to have a chat to someone who winged it and the experiences they had if anyone is out there!

Use KUL as a stop over point if flights are super expensive: I have been working as a travel agent for almost 4 years now and i have only recently learnt this. I always thought Singapore was the  cheapest city to fly in and out of in SE Asia..i was so wrong. Kuala Lumpur is home to Air Asia, the budget airline of SE Asia.




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