Hi Everyone! Sorry for the lack of posts 😦 But guess who’s going to Bali for Christmas! Yep! Us! My mum isn’t very well at the moment and wants to get away so with AirAsias epic deals at the moment (get onto that shit!) she decided to book the 3 of us tickets! Our best […]

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Phuket, Phuket, Phuket!

Good Morning! I have decided to do a post on Phuket today. Mainly because I am having massive Thailand withdrawals today, but also because i thought it would be good to do a blog on a city i have actually visited. It makes me super happy that you guys are following me and reading my […]

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Hanoi to Saigon

Hello lovely people! Hope everyone is having a good Tuesday 🙂 Today I am going to do a post about overland travel in Vietnam. Ever since i decided on this big SE Asia trip i have been researching the best and cheapest ways to get from point A to B. I will base this on […]

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Hoi An, Vietnam.

Happy Monday everyone! I bet you would would rather be traveling the world than be sitting at a desk, I know I would! Today’s city is Hoi An. Hoi An, personally so far tops my list in Vietnam and I am more excited about seeing it in real life than you could imagine. WHY? It […]

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Hanoi, Vietnam

Happy Thursday everyone! Sorry for the lack in posting. I am going to my first Vietnam post today 🙂 Vietnam is somewhere that has been on my Bucket list for years now. Originally we were planning on backpacking Europe, but with the Australian dollar dropping daily it started to become more stressful than exciting. I […]

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Real Talk

I now have 7 followers! Thanks for the support! Is it sad that I’m excited about 7 followers? Maybe.. But it excites me that people are interested in my travel plans and want to follow them as I go! I think its probably about time i introduced myself properly to the world of WordPress and […]

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